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Document Type : Research Paper


1 Assistant Professor , Department of Anesthesiology and Operating Room, School of Allied Medical Sciences, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences

2 Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology, Tuberculosis and Lung Disease Research Center, Tabriz University of Medical Sciences, Tabriz, Iran



Introduction: Due to the contradictory results of research on the effect of maternal posture on labor pain intensity, which was mentioned in a corner, the present study was conducted to evaluate the effect of maternal posture during labor on labor pain intensity.

Material and Methods: A total of 56 women undergoing elective cesarean section were studied in this study; All women in the labor phase were placed in different positions for thirty minutes and their severity of rejection was assessed based on the type of position.

Results: comparing the pain intensity in all sitting and lying positions of group B (starting with lying position) showed that the mean pain intensity in sitting position was 11.43±4.04 and in lying position was 12.78±3.32 which based on the results Wilcoxon test, the mean pain intensity in these two conditions was statistically significant (P=0.007 and Z=-2.691) . The mean pain intensity in all sitting and lying positions was 12.39 ±3.90 and 12.69 ±50, respectively, and the comparison of the two postures did not show a statistically significant difference (P=0.574 and Z=-0.562)

Conclusion: In general, according to the results of this study, it can be said that the severity of pain in mothers is the same in both sitting and sleeping positions; Therefore, it is recommended that the determination of the mother's condition be left to the mother herself if there is no medical prohibition.


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