Volume & Issue: Volume 9, Issue 4, July 2022 

Research Paper

1. Chemical and Technical Investigations on Soil Characterization and Silicic Acid Preparation

Pages 505-516


Maher Mohamed Abed El Aziz; Khald Sdig El Kerikshi; Mohamed Ammar Khalifa; Suad Ramadan Sussli

Short Communication

10. Design and Manufacture of Fetal Position Detection Device in Pregnant Women

Pages 608-613


Farnaz Sahhaf; Farhad Mirzaee; Mehdi Khanbabayi Gol

Research Paper

12. A Review of Frontal Polymerization in the Chemical Industry

Pages 623-646


Mehrdad Ghazinezhad; Alireza Bozorgian; Parnian Gholami Dastnaei