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1 Department of Chemical Engineering, Islamic Azad University, Dezfoul Faculty, Dezful, Iran

2 Faculty member of Department of Chemical Engineering Dezful Islamic Azad University


The oil industry needs solid and reliable materials in almost all processes. By making nano-scale materials, lighter, more robust, and more robust equipment than today's products can be produced. Nanotechnology in the field of oil industry and its related industries, in addition to reducing the environmental hazards of this sector and the possibility of saving from harvesting of underground reserves, will provide the basis for the growth of the country's major industries. Oil and gas industry in Iran is a long time and enjoyed. From these enormous resources, it has created a special place for the country. The effort to achieve technology and improve the status of these industries is something that should be given special attention. For this reason, the oil, gas and petrochemical industries have not gone away far beyond the penetration of nanotechnology, and nanotechnology has also entered this area.


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