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1 international Petro offshore niam kish

2 AmirKabir University Of Technology



One of the most controversial usages of coiled tubing in stimulation operation is the calculation of the optimum pumping rate and coiled tubing depth. Considering the investigations conducted in one of the Iranian offshore oilfields, the simulation and optimization of coiled tubing operation can be accomplished by two phase flow simulator (OLGA) and MATLAB curve fitting Simmons model to obtain the optimum rate and the depth of operation with regard to the limitations imposed by the amount of nitrogen and the operation time. Simulation and field results are compared with good agreement. The simulation and optimization comprise of both theoretical and experimental aspects on the basis of multiphase considerations. The result of simulation and comparisons are done on the basis of the nitrogen amount limitation. In this paper, it is attempted to state the necessity of coiled tubing dominant variable optimization by representing an economic equation, based on simulation results of a real operation with perception of two-phase flow realities.


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