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Document Type : Research Paper


1 Modibbo Adama University

2 Department of chemistry education, faculty of education, college of education, Yola


This study focused on developing and characterizing an emulsion paint formulated from a copolymer binder of polyvinyl acetate- hydroxylated guna seed oil (PVAc/HGSO) and compared with paint made from conventional polyvinyl acetate (PVAc) binder. Seed oil from guna was extracted mechanically using cold press method, and the extracted guna oil were successively subjected to epoxidation and hydroxylation reaction processes. The hydroxylated guna seed oil (HGSO) was copolymerised with conventional polyvinyl acetate in different ratio of 10 to 70% of hydroxylated oil, to formulate a novel PVAc/HGSO copolymer binder. The formulated copolymer binder was characterised, and compared with the standard inorder to ascertain the better blend ratio that will be suitable for paint production. The better blend copolymer binder was used in production of an emulsion paint. The physico-chemical parameters on the formulated emulsion paint were compared with paint formulated using only PVAc as a binder and acceptable value in the coating industry. The novel formulated emulsion paint found to be increased in gloss, adhesion and flexibility, which are major setback in paint produced using conventional PVAc only as a binder.


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