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Document Type : Original


1 Department of chemistry, faculty of science, university of Benghazi, Libya

2 Department of chemistry, faculty of science, university of Omer al Mukhtar, Libya

3 department of chemistry, faculty of science, university of Tobruk, Libya


In this study, Zinc(II) , Mn(II), Hg(II), and Tin(II) complexes of were synthesized and characterized via Infrared spectroscopy (IR), thermal analysis (TGA), measurement of melting point and molar conductivity. The results provide evidence of coordination of the metal ions to Tyrosine ligands through NH2, and COOH a groups with proposed octahedral geometry, low spin, paramagnetic. The TGA curves were gave one of the main decomposition of complexes, and stable at M- oxides. The molar ratio which carried out by U.V calculations gave the ratio of 1:1 (Metal : Ligand) linkage.

Their antibacterial activities were investigated using ultraviolet light for molar ratios calculations with items by using the different series of concentrations and Ligand. Study of the effect of complexes prepared on some bacteria ( Escherichia coli and Bacillus Subtitles) has enriched the two types of bacteria with the complexes prepared on each species of microbial laboratory. The prepared complexes gave anti-bacterial activities on the species of bacteria which used in this study.


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