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1 Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi, In

2 P.G. Student, Department of Chemistry, School of Advance Sciences, VIT-AP University


Hydrogen is significant and may be viewed as an alternative for main fossil fuels, coal, crude oil, and natural gas, as well as its derivatives when utilized as fuel. It has the potential to be a clean, efficient, and inexpensive energy source. Being an environmentally friendly energy source, hydrogen is a good alternative to the current fossil fuels. Researchers' interest in the topic of green energy has been sparked by current developments in the hydrogen economy. Hydrogen is stored through a variety of techniques. Our review first focuses on different categories of renewable and non-renewable energy sources, after which we go into great detail regarding the hydrogen economy. One strong contender for a sustainable energy source is hydrogen. The benefits of hydrogen and its uses in various industries are discussed. Before moving on to hydrogen storage techniques, we first explore various hydrogen synthesis techniques. The ideal method for storing hydrogen is electrochemical since it produces hydrogen on-site and stores it at normal pressure and temperature conditions. As a result, energy resources should be combined with energy storage devices in order to offer continuous power. This paper examines the various storage systems and concentrations on energy storage systems based on hydrogen.


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