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Document Type : Research Paper


Delta State college of education, Mosogar


This research study was conducted due to growing industrial activities and the associated consequences around the study areas to evaluate the temporal and spatial variations in the concentrations of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAHs) content in ambient air from Eleme,Aluu and Ikoku in Rivers state, Nigeria. The duration of this study lasted from April, 2021 through January, 2022 which covered both dry and wet seasons. PAHs in ambient air were collected from these three different locations using air sampler (Mini volair sampler) and analysed in the laboratory using Gc-Ms. During the dry season, some of the PAHs were below detection limit, while some were detected. The mean concentrations of the PAHs detected range from 0.122 ± 0.065 to 0.600 ± 0.132 mg/kg,0.113 ± 0.037 to 0.407 ± 0.282 mg/kg and 0.360 ± 0.267 to 2.220 ± 2.183 mg/kg for Eleme,Ikoku and Aluu respectively. During the wet season, the mean concentrations of the PAHs detected range from 0.118 ± 0.081 to 0.737 ± 0.108 mg/kg and 0.398 ± 0.284 to 0.992 ±0.702 mg/kg for Eleme and Ikoku respectively. The mean concentrations of the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons reported are all above the WHO standard which is 0.0002 mg/kg. The results of this research are clear indication that the ambient air within the study areas is quite polluted


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