Nitration Ortho Dihydroxyl Benzene (Catechol) Using Bismuth Nitrate on the Solid Phase Montmorillonite

Document Type: Research Paper



Nitro catechols via 2 hydroxyl group and a nitro group have a wide range of functions including reagents form stable complexes with more than 40 elements in the fields of analytical chemistry, biochemistry, coordination chemistry, environmental chemistry, atrium exploration, organic chemistry, pharmacy, etc. Moreover, the nitro to amine recovery has a potential function in different fields. In recent years the use of various nitration factors including metal nitrates with environmentally friendly features, and in order to reduce pollution as an alternative to nitric acid/ sulfuric acid has been reported. High-performance trivalent bismuth nitrate nitration has been reported in the literature. In this work, impregnated nitrate bismuth on solid montmorillonite KSS and KSF in catechol ring nitration was used in conditions of largely different polarity solvents. Under the condition of the use of montmorillonite KSF as the solid phase and dichloromethane solvent, conversion of catechol to nitrate derivatives will be quantitative.