Advance Technology in Wastewater Treatment: A Brief Assessment

Document Type : Review


Department of Chemistry, Dr. Hari Singh Gour Central University, Sagar-470003, IN



In the context of the characterization of increasing impurities, rapid urbanization and industrialization, and decrease in the available water resources, the application of conventional water treatment and wastewater treatment procedures is becoming more difficult. Recent development processing techniques, such as disinfection and antimicrobial mechanisms, membrane filtration, sensing and monitoring, and UV radiation, are very promising and therefore revised in this paper, providing alternatives to better protect human health and the environment. Its fundamental principles, main applications, and recent innovations have been emphasized. Particularly in comparison to their existing conclusions and recommendations research needs, the benefits and drawbacks of such technologies are demonstrated. Conventional wastewater treatment technology, along with wastewater minimization and water recycling programs, provides promise for reducing and maybe preventing, the unavoidable loss of useful water. The conclusion is that the applications of these technologies will be enhanced at an unparalleled scale alongside increasing knowledge and advances in the industrial sector.


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