Theoretical study of the properties of adenine amino acid tetomers with C60


Department of Education and training, District One, Shahr-E-Rey, Tehran, Iran.


In this research at the Adenine tautomers and their fullerene derivatives were optimized. NBO calculations and NMR for the tautomers and their Fullerene derivatives were carried out at the B3lyp/6-31G*quantum chemistry level. The core and the valence electrons of atoms were compared. Other cases examined in this study, resonance energy, chemical potential (µ ), chemical hardness (η) , Energy Gap, Chemical Hardness, Chemical Potential, Dipole moment parameters between Adenine tautomers and their fullerene derivatives were calculated .This organic base as a chemical component of DNA and RNA plays an important role in our body. In this study of fullerenes, we used a nano carrier. The data in tables and graphs and shapes were compared and discussed.